NosiLife Insect Repellent Hiking Socks

Antibacterial and Insect Repellent Hiking Socks for Men and Women

Have you ever been out hiking for the day and had an insect bite on your ankle or even right inside your boot right at the start of the day, which drives you insane for the rest of the day as it gets more and more irritated and sore? Well those days are gone, with the new Nosi range of clothing from Craghoppers.

What a fantastic idea! A hiking sock which will repel insects and also has an antibacterial treatment to keep feet fresh.

Those clever people at Craghoppers have come up with the perfect hiking sock for the summer, it’s a cooling sock which is extremely breathable, however if you are anything like me, come summer your ankles are eaten alive in certain terrain, well, these socks are impregnated with a powerful insect repellent treatment (which is not removed by washing) along with an antibacterial treatment, so you will have lovely sweet smelling toes when you return to base camp. (OK, that may be stretching it a bit, but they certainly won’t stink!)

Nosi Hiking Sock

As you would expect from a high quality sock, they have smooth flat seams with additional cushioning on both the heel and toe areas, for maximum shock absorption and comfort.

The mens are available in sizes 6-8 and 9-12 whilst the ladies are in 3-5 and 6-8. These are going to be incredibly popular so click here for pricing and ordering information before stocks run out.