A Cabin in the Woods

I’ve been looking at putting up a log cabin in the woods this year, it seems like a really good idea, I can have a solar panel on the roof (provided there is an area where the sun can get through to power it of course) and/or a small wind turbine. This would give me enough power for a light and a fridge inside, this along with a small gas burner means I could spend time out there occasionally, without the need to keep heading off down the shops etc.

log cabinThere are several styles available, but the type I like most are the traditional looking ones, which appear to be made from proper logs, this painted with a Cuprinol type wood treatment, should mean that it would last a long time too.

I do need to look into the legalities of doing this, as planning may be required, but I suspect that because I’m looking at putting it on private land, and if I keep it under a certain size, I may avoid having to do this, which would make things much easier.

I also really like the idea of having those folding doors which open the whole side of a building up, they could probably be incorporated quite easily as either some kind of patio doors or bifolding doors, I’ve already had a look at some at a local showrooms and these guys have a picture on the front page of the kind of thing I’m after, albeit a bit more grand than I have in mind, but if I have the panoramic doorsones with wooden frames I should be able to make the doors blend in with the whole cabin. I just love the idea of completely opening the cabin up to the outdoors. If I think about the direction of the prevailing winds, I could even have it open when it’s raining.

The great thing about the location I have in mind is that I should be able to sit and watch quite a range of wildlife from here too, there is a Badgers set quite close by and there are foxes around the farm nearby and I dare say a range of deer in the area too.

I’ll update here as I find out a bit more about the implications of it regarding planning permission, how much the cabin will cost, if adding the panoramic doors is a viable option and how much all the little extras will be. Yes if you hadn’t guessed this is very much a price based decision.