A Directory of Local Companies?

There has recently been discussions about adding a directory to the site. This would likely be in the format of some “off the shelf” directory software, although these can be highly customised (so I’m informed) and can therefore take on pretty much whatever appearance and identity we desire.

The likely-hood is that this would be on the format of either town names or industries, or possibly both which lead to categories where local businesses are able to key in their own information, there is also the possibility for these listings to all have their own page where the business can add extended information about products, services, opening hours etc.

If we decide to progress with this project it will take some time to have configured initially and, based on previous experience with websites, to then be further adapted on a semi-regular basis. All this would be in addition to the need to check the details being submitted. We may also be able to allow members of the public to post reviews of companies they have used, however again this would likely need close policing.

We also need to be sure of who would be allowed to submit their details to the directory, clearly only companies based in Wales will be considered, but should it also be restricted to particular industries? If so how will they be categorised?

The reason for this write up at this stage is to glean some feedback from the local business owners and to gain an understanding of what they would like from it.

26/04/13 Update:

It turns out that we already know someone with some experience in this field, a colleagues son is already in the process of establishing a business directory of his own this being in a different geographical region (Wiltshire as opposed to Wales) should not have any conflict of interests if we call on him to help.

We need to keep an eye on this one in initially, because he has made it clear that it’s only in the early stages of development, but it does mean we have someone to consult with, rather than until now it’s been a case of the blind leading the blind!