SAS Survival Handbook

Learn how to Survive in the UK with the SAS Survival Handbook

First written by John “Lofty” Wiseman an SAS survival expert, over 20 years ago, this is the new updated version. Since this book was first released many copy type books have also been released, however none as authoritative as this and therefore have not come close to this international bestseller.

Lofty served in the SAS for 26 years and was their chief survival instructor, so if you are going to listen to one persons advice about survival techniques, make it his!

The book covers a wide variety of situations and techniques from the most resilient, resourceful and eco-friendly must have kit, to coping mechanisms and how to react, keep calm and manage hostile environments. The aim is not just to teach you how to survive certain situations, but how to cope with any situation.

This book is complemented by another best selling book Food for Free by Richard Mabey, specific to the UK covering all manner of wild foods which are available through the seasons, includes fungus, shellfish and seaweeds.  I have this book and since buying it am quite likely to add a pinch of hairy bittercress or a few dandelion leaves to a salad these days, and that’s just from what grows in my garden.