Whilst this site was started for fun and to offer the consumer good offers from internet retailers, I do need to pay for hosting and the likes, so you will find affiliate links on this website along with other non-affiliate links, i.e. those which are just a standard link to another person or companies web pages.

All an affiliate link means is that I may get a small commission if you buy something from the site which the link points you to, so as my aim is to highlight products and or services which are on offer, discounted or possibly just very new, it’s a win win situation.

Whilst I am unable to vouch personally for every single company which I will link out to, I will aim to link to well known brands whenever possible, however it is, as always, your own responsibility to make sure you are happy with that vendor, their security policy and payment processing before or at the point of making a purchase.

Other than this, I receive no recompense for the content on this website, it is written by me (although I may include guest posts in the future allowing them to link back to their own websites, this will be for the benefit of the sites content, so I will not be paid for this). At present I do not receive gifts for the products I review and write about, I will either be writing about a product because I have bought or used it myself, or more likely because it is available at a very good price somewhere.

If in the future I am sent gifts it is on the understanding that I am under no obligation to review it at all and if I do, it’s on the understanding that any review will be based on my honest opinion , so whilst I would love to receive loads of freebies, please do not send them with any expectations.

If for any reason a specific post has a commercial purpose not listed here I will specifically mention it in that post, or if you see anything which you feel may contradict this policy please let me know so it can be updated accordingly

This policy is subject to change without notice and is likely to evolve in line with the websites content.