More Waterproofs… Continued

Yep I’m Still on About these Waterproofs

I had to dash off yesterday mid way through my story about buying my new waterproofs, sorry about that!

So I was explaining the walking boot dilemma, well, not really such a dilemma really, I know I already have sufficient footwear for walking in any kind of weather, to be honest I could be climbing a mountain, trekking across the Nairobi Dessert, or just walking the dog round the park and I already have options for each eventuality, so I guess the honest answer is no I don’t need to buy another pair of boots, Damn! lol

So as I continued around the shop several other things caught my eye, a rather nifty flask which would sit nicely in that Rucksack I bought last year, in fact, while I’m here why not have a quick look at the Rucksacks too, or really just a daysack, they are more akin to what I need and use, after all if I go camping I take the car, pitch my nice spacious tent and take days out from there (UK weather permitting of course).

Eventually I even ended up looking at some nice clasp things which were in the rock climbing section! Something I did a very long time ago, always fancied trying again but never quite managed to get back in to, so no, probably best I don’t buy those.

But then I remembered the reason I was here, waterproofs, that jacket was still hanging there on it’s hanger with my name on it, but what about trousers, I’d not even looked at those yet and it was actually these which had spurred me to make a trip out to the shop in the first place (as if I need an excuse).

The problem is that my old ones were very cheap, incredibly cheap in fact, not particularly good quality and bought in a sale, as a result they have not really been looked after as well as they could have been and have always been a bit leaky if it’s really tipping down, you know, those days when it’s running down your coat, onto your trousers and down to the ground.  I eventually found them, considering the range they had of everything else I was a little disappointed by the range of trousers, about 5 options, really cheap ones like I had before, they don’t breathe or fit very well, so not an option this time around, then a couple of mid range and 2 which were pretty expensive for what they were.  I get the feeling the latter 2 were a bit of a case of paying for the brand name.

Then I realised that one of the mid priced pairs was actually in the sale, £35 down to £20, excellent, if they fit that’s the decision made, I like a bargain!

2 Minutes later I’m off to the tills with my new bargain waterproofs in hand, I even managed to not buy the jacket as it wasn’t in the sale, and it’s a new model, so will certainly be available for a while anyway.

The result, nice dry legs on every walk since I bought them, why? I would love to say it’s because they are so efficient that the wind and rain just bounces off of them, but I can’t, if the truth be told, it’s been so dry here since I got them it’s been almost impossible to go out when it’s wet! Typical! not that I’m complaining of course!