Insect Repellent Shirts from Bear Grylls!

Long Sleeved Insect Repellent Shirt

Bear Grylls, the outdoor adventurer, TV star and general bug muncher has teamed up with Craghoppers, a leading supplier of outdoor clothing in the UK, to provide a fantastic new range of extra rugged outdoor clothing. Apparently each item was designed to be indestructible, they would send the items to Bear and his team to try out, they would wear it, use and abuse it and eventually destroy it, then send it back saying it’s not strong enough, only once they were unable to destroy it was it sent off for production. (Well, that’s how the story goes anyway) As a result, this shirt comes with a Lifetime Guarantee!

This long sleeved insect repellent shirt is a fantastic example and boasts a huge range of features including:

  • Permanent Insect repellent and antibacterial treatment built into the fabric
  • Stretch Panels for increased flexibility and movement
  • Webbing reinforced buttons
  • Reinforced seams all round
  • Incredibly fast drying Solardry UPF40+ fabric
  • 100% polymide ripstop fabric
  • Only 270 grammes total weight
  • Lifetime Guarantee on this item


Bear Grylls Long-Sleeved Shirt

You can be confident that anything which Bear Grylls puts his name to is going to be as rugged, strong and practical as you can buy, it’s all also pretty stylish too, so not only will you look pretty cool half way up that vertical cliff-face, but when you come down and discover the local pub for a pie and a pint, you won’t look out of place there either.

This hard wearing, breathable, insect repellent shirt has plenty of pockets and is available in a range of sizes from XS to XXL, see here for size charts and ordering.