New Waterproofs and then the Weather Improves

Which Ones to Buy?

I just bought some new gear for walking the dogs and then we get a mini heat wave in the UK. Something I suppose which was bound to happen I know, but I’ve managed all winter with the coat I’ve been wearing for three years now, it was getting rather grubby around the inside of the collar and cuffs, not to mention a rather unsightly stain around the pocket I always keep their treats in (sometimes they get cheese cubes, the bag splits and I end up with bits of cheese loose in my pocket).

Anyway, so I decided to get myself down to our local outdoor shop, which is more of a supermarket, and try a new coat on in the sales, there was a lovely Berghaus coat, but at £170 it seemed rather excessive for something which would probably either only be worn for an hour a day, plus I had to consider the thickness of it, if (god forbid) our winters lasted longer, perhaps I could have somehow justified that kind of spend, but when a waterproof with that much insulation would only get four months use each year, I just couldn’t do it. So I had a look at the shell style coats, specifically the ones which have an attached inner fleece, ideal for most weather, even those summer downpours which are becoming more frequent.

I couldn’t quite believe how much you can spend on a good waterproof outer shell, the one I really liked was £270 but that wasn’t an option, Rab do a nice range too, but again they are quite pricey for the ones I liked (it’s always the way!), so I started looking at the ones by Sprayway, tried it on, and it’s a nice fit, I’ll remember that, have a look round and come back to it before I leave if I don’t find something I prefer.

Walking Boots! In the Sale! How could I not have a look? It would be rude not to, first what style do I want, the canvass ones, or all leather? The canvass ones will be better in the summer, lighter and will let the air circulate a bit better, but the leather ones will last longer and be warmer in the winter. I suppose it depends why I want them really, is it for all year? really? Do I really need another pair which I can wear in the summer? No, I have three at home already and only ever wear one of those, in fact, I suspect that if I really dig through the depths of that spare room I could find another three pairs which I’ve not worn for years! OK leather it is. Oh hang on a minute though, I do already have leather ones and a pair of rather nice MuckBoots for when it’s really raining hard or muddy.

Oh no I didn’t realise the time! I’m going to have to continue this another time, need to get the dinner on!